Threat Detection & Response

Armor delivers threat detection and response capabilities utilizing best-of-breed security tools, processes, and cybersecurity experts. We provide the technology to keep you safe and the experts to help you quickly and effectively respond to attacks.

Security Across All Environments

Armor provides security and visibility across your private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.

Detect Anomalies and Threats

Armor combines workload protection, analytics from cloud-native sources, and other security data to provide unparalleled insight into threats facing organizations.

Not Just Alerting but a Response

If there is an attack, we don’t just send an alert. We help you and your security team respond quickly and effectively.

How It Works

Armor’s cloud security platform, the industry’s leading threat detection and response platform, ingests logs from the Armor Anywhere agent, from cloud native, and third-party tools. It then correlates and analyzes those logs against threat intelligence from Armor and other third parties. The output is used to uncover threats, bolster an organization’s defenses, and provide response in the event of an incident. Armor provides unified visibility across your workloads through the Armor management portal.

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