Thank you for choosing to utilize Armor’s Automated Compliance Solution for HIPAA. This Solution is meant to help our clients more easily achieve HIPAA compliance in the cloud. Armor has used its years of compliance experience helping companies implement HITRUST guidelines in the cloud to achieve HIPAA and combined that with our partnership and experience with AWS to develop this “infrastructure and security-as-code” solution. This solution is a CloudFormation Template.

Our CloudFormation Template allows customers to reliably and consistently spin up the basic client/server architecture necessary to run web applications in AWS in a way that is in-line and consistent with the HITRUST guidelines for implementing HIPAA in the cloud. This allows our clients’ developers to move at the speed of modern DevOps shops, while staying in-line with our clients’ security and compliance concerns.

This document acts as a guide to help walk you through the process of installing the template! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Armor Support!

Armor does not provide legal or compliance advice. Clients are solely responsible for determining and complying with their obligations under HIPAA, the Armor or AWS Business Associate Addendum (BAA), and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations. Clients should consult with qualified legal counsel or consultants, as needed, to ensure that their use of AWS complies with HIPAA, the terms of the AWS BAA, and other applicable laws, rules, and regulations. The information contained in this CloudFormation package is not exhaustive, and must be reviewed, evaluated, assessed, and approved by the customer in connection with the customer’s particular security features, tools, and configurations.


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