April 22, 2020

UPCOMING – Hidden Figures: The Impact of Women in Cybersecurity – Webinar

You’re registered! You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Wednesday, April 22 at 1 p.m. ET/ 12 p.m. CT While only 11% of cybersecurity workers worldwide are women, the few who’ve shattered the glass ceiling have made unmistakable history. Yet often as in many technology and engineering fields, they remain as “hidden figures” and hardly recognized for their achievements.   Women, like the “Code Girls,” were responsible for […]

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Privacy & Security: Preparing for CCPA Compliance – Webinar

  With the start of the new year comes newly passed laws and regulations that businesses need to prepare and adhere to. And this year is a BIG ONE for cybersecurity and privacy professionals: the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).   The CCPA is the first sweeping legislation in the U.S. to give consumers control over how their personal information is used […]

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Superheroes & Villains: The Evolution of Hackers – Webinar

 The difference between the good and bad guys in cybersecurity comes down to two elements: motives and limitations. While “black hats” hack for personal gain and “white hats” hack to defend, there is a middleman between the two extremes. Known as “gray hats,” these middlemen occasionally violate laws and personal/professional ethics without malicious intent. […]

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5 Steps to Optimize Cloud Spend – Webinar

Moving to the public cloud or already there? Cloud is becoming the dominant approach to delivering IT services. Scaling and optimizing for the two-minute promise are critical in order to reap the benefits of efficiency and flexibility with computing resources. Gartner states that as much as 70% of cloud costs are wasted; however, with the […]

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Cybercrime, Inc: Exposing the Business of the Dark Web – Webinar

 The Dark Web is growing at an exponential rate, with hackers doubling down on cybercrime-as-a-service – allowing non-traditional and unskilled hackers to wreak havoc in ways previously impossible. Criminals don’t have to be skilled to get your data; they just have to hire someone who is. The webinar aims to expose the inner workings […]

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Dirty Encryption: The Scourge of Healthcare Ransomware – Webinar

 Not all encryption is meant to protect your data; sometimes, it can be used against you to hold your systems hostage. One use of encryption that has been wreaking havoc on healthcare networks is ransomware. Ransomware, which can seize patient files and lock up critical communications until a ransom is paid, continues to be […]

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Upcoming Webinar| Hidden Figures: The Impact of Women in Cybersecurity

Wednesday, April 22 at 1 p.m. ET/ 12 p.m. CT

Join our team and renowned female leaders as we discuss powerful and influential women in cybersecurity and more.

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A CTO’S View: Devising a Secure Cloud Strategy – Webinar

 As organizations look to the cloud to enable business transformation and new digital initiatives and drive efficiencies and cost savings, it’s clear that many teams lack a coherent cloud strategy for use across their organization – especially, when business units and development teams deploy new instances independent of IT and security teams. Your cloud […]

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5 Tips for a Painless Cloud Migration – Webinar

 The cloud has grown up. It’s no longer just a sandbox for developers or a sneaky backdoor way for business units to get more IT resources fast. Now, IT leaders are seeing the big picture: cloud as the de facto model for delivering the whole of IT to the whole of the business.  In a […]

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Naked Data: How Human Error Impacts Your Cloud Security – Webinar

 According to Gartner, by 2020, 95% of cloud security issues will be the result of misconfiguration. The cloud represents a fundamentally different approach to computing, and many IT staff lack cloud security expertise to ensure their new infrastructures are properly protected. Join us in this webinar as our experts explore our Naked Data whitepaper […]

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Women in Cybersecurity: Building Careers & Community – Webinar

 The cybersecurity industry is projecting a staffing shortage of 1.8 million unfilled jobs globally by 2022, and 53% of organizations report a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills. Meanwhile, women represent less than 25% of cybersecurity professionals worldwide. It’s time to narrow the gap. This webinar is for any woman hoping to the enter the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, or […]

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