Armor Secure Hosting for Payments – Data Sheet

A PCI DSS-COMPLIANT CLOUD FOR PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS AND PCI DATA The risk is too high for companies that deal with payment transactions and PCI data to take a reactive approach to cybersecurity. Armor Anywhere with secure hosting is a secure managed cloud environment — integrated with advanced security controls and real-time threat intelligence — and […]

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Armor Automated Security and Compliance – Data Sheet

As organizations increasingly embrace the cloud, they must address both “accidental” and “intentional” cyber risk as part of their shared responsibility for security in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Armor Automated Security and Compliance minimizes “accidental” cyber risk. It provides industry-leading Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) capabilities to help you continuously discover, assess, and remediate security […]

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Armor Anywhere with Secure Hosting – Data Sheet

SECURE HOSTING THAT REMOVES THE COMPLEXITY FROM DEFENDING DATA The complexities of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance can be daunting for any organization – regardless of size and industry. To most organizations, adding additional DevOps teams and infrastructure can be a heavy burden to manage. Especially in multi-layered cloud environments with private, public and hybrid clouds. […]

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Armor Anywhere for Workload Protection – Data Sheet

 MANAGED SECURITY-AS-A-SERVICE FOR ANY WORKLOAD The role of cybersecurity has never been more crucial to the viability and competitiveness of modern businesses, as new demands by markets and regulatory agencies require IT environments to responds quickly. Some organizations depend on a multitude of cybersecurity environments tasked with optimally protecting data while at the same time […]

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Armor for Healthcare – Data Sheet

GAIN YOUR HITRUST CSF CERTIFICATION FROM THE CYBERSECURITY EXPERTS Armor for Healthcare is the proven approach for achieving HIPAA compliance and HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) certification. The HITRUST CSF helps standardize cybersecurity approaches that keep ePHI data compliant and secure. Not only was Armor the first cybersecurity provider to be certified by HITRUST, Armor […]

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Onboarding and Support – Data Sheet

At Armor, we take the onboarding and support of new customers very seriously and have put together the following material to help you understand what to expect from us as part of our relationship with you. Onboarding and support is a collaborative effort across a number of teams within Armor. Each of these teams plays […]

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Upcoming Webinar| Hidden Figures: The Impact of Women in Cybersecurity

Wednesday, April 22 at 1 p.m. ET/ 12 p.m. CT

Join our team and renowned female leaders as we discuss powerful and influential women in cybersecurity and more.

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Compliance Matrix – Armor Anywhere – Data Sheet

PROTECT YOUR DATA WHILE MEETING HIPAA AND PCI-COMPLIANCE HIPAA/HITECH, PCI and HITRUST regulations serve as the baseline for an organization’s cybersecurity system. Yet, many organizations struggle to maintain compliance because of vague regulation definitions. This can lead to a resource exhaustive effort to meet the baseline with little reassurance that all commitments are fulfilled. To […]

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