Protect Patient and Clinical Data from Known and Emerging Threats

Focus on Patient Care Knowing Your Data is Secure

In an industry targeted by breaches, ransomware, and other cyber attacks, healthcare providers can protect their applications and data against both known and emerging threats with Armor.

Secure Healthtech Applications
As healthcare providers adopt new healthtech applications to enhance patient outcomes, Armor can secure those applications from cyber threats with Armor Anywhere with secure hosting.

Protect ePHI and Clinical Data
Compliance with HIPAA/HITRUST and security go hand in hand. Armor's solutions work the same way to help you achieve a strong security posture while addressing key compliance controls.

Focus on Patient Care
Armor’s Security Operations Center acts as an extension of your team to monitor your environment 24/7/365, alert you to potential problems, and work with you to resolve them.

We were looking for a vendor that understood the market and the sensitivity of healthcare data. We wanted a true service provider that was going to be responsive to a customer of our size and give us a feeling of comfort backed by true security.

Ricky Dolphin CTO
Cambridge Cognition

Reduce Risk from Both Accidental and Intentional Risks

Fundamentally Change Your Cyber Risk Outlook

Cyber risk is broken down into accidental and intentional risk.

Avoid the Accidental
Armor helps healthcare organizations protect against the ‘honest mistakes’ and oversights employees may make when operating in the cloud.

Stop the Intentional
Armor protects your sensitive cloud workloads from an ever-evolving threat landscape, reducing risk to your health IT and technology initiatives.

Security and Compliance at Scale
Architect a continuous risk management and enforcement mechanism to automate adherence to your global security policy.

Case Study

Medecision: Achieving HITRUST Certification with Armor Cloud Security

Download this case study to learn more about Medecision’s needs and journey to achieving HITRUST certification in record time by using Armor.

Accelerate Compliance with HIPAA/HITRUST in the Cloud

Capitalizing on the Cloud Just Got Easier

Embrace the cloud. Regardless of whether your organization is a large hospital, a clinic, a biosciences entity or a healthtech provider, you can secure your sensitive applications and data in the cloud while automating and accelerating compliance with HIPAA/HITRUST.

Drive faster security and compliance outcomes through comprehensive and continuous compliance coverage.

Checks and Balances
Armor Automated Security and Compliance acts as a continuous checks and balances on adherence of your environment to IT security policy.

Security for Your Workloads
Armor Anywhere addresses key compliance controls associated with HIPAA/HITRUST.

Accelerated Deployment Template
Armor Automated Security and Compliance – HIPAA CloudFormation template allows you to spin up compliant workloads at the speed of DevOps.

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