File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor critical system file locations on your hosts as well as critical OS files for changes that may allow threat actors to control your environment.

Host-based Controls on Your Critical Files

Get an inside look at each of the hosts in your environment and ensure that your critical system files are protected from unauthorized changes or modifications.

Real-time Scanning for Immediate Insight

File integrity can be a leading indicator of compromise in a security breach. Monitor updates, changes, deletes, and writes to your critical files.

Prioritize Alerts to Focus on What Matters

Prioritize criticality so you can focus on fixing the indicators of compromise most likely to open your environment to threats or risks.

How It Works

Delivered through an agent and installed on your virtual servers/instances/workloads, FIM is designed to monitor critical OS files, configurations, and processes, as well as application files and related activities for potential indicators of compromise.

File integrity monitoring looks for:

  • Changes to critical OS files and processes such as directories, registry keys, and values 
  • Changes to application files 
  • Rogue applications running on the host 
  • Unusual process and port activity
  • System incompatibilities

FIM establishes a baseline by which future activities are compared against and applies standardized monitoring policies for each workload.

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