Reduce Risk

Focus on Your Digital Transformation

It’s not if someone tries to get at your data—it’s when. Like any other investment, you should expect that security and compliance protections do what they’ve been billed as and don’t come at a cost to your go-to-market strategy.

Total Protection in Minutes
Security strategies today are about reducing risk. Securing your data from intentional attacks by cyber criminals and simple misconfigurations that leave you vulnerable is crucial to protecting your business assets.

Protect All of Your Data—Anywhere
In minutes, Armor delivers comprehensive security coverage for your workloads wherever they may be—in the public cloud, private cloud, virtual servers, and even containers—reducing complexity and driving a positive return on investment.

Incident Response
Alerting you to a problem is not enough. Our security team prioritizes threats for you and escalates the security incidents your executive team cares most about.

Data Sheet

Armor Anywhere Technical Solution Brief

Gain a detailed understanding of the capabilities of Armor Anywhere.

Achieve Compliance

Meet Compliance Requirements with Less Effort

You have complex business problems keeping you up at night—compliance shouldn’t be one of them. Compliance efforts and an audit can be a drain on resources and slow down your growth. Armor’s solution ensures you won’t be at risk of falling out of compliance.

Comply with Multiple Compliance Frameworks
Get through the maze of compliance regulations associated with PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR and into the cloud faster.

Continuous Compliance
The Armor Automated Security and Compliance solution acts as a continuous system of checks and balances so you know the precise compliance state of your cloud environment.

You Have Complex Problems
Don’t let compliance slow you down. Armor takes the burden of compliance and understands the exact policies and procedures required to ensure your cloud infrastructure can pass an audit.


"Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault."- Gartner

Future Proof

Do Not Underestimate the Cloud's Impact on Business

The cloud’s capabilities and the long-term impact they will have on your business are very powerful. If you fail to migrate to the cloud, your business is at risk for falling behind. As your company’s business priorities and initiatives switch to the cloud, you’ll need cloud security that evolves right with it.

Faster Security Innovation and Deployment
Security-as-a-service models can innovate quickly to provide the capabilities businesses need before they need them.

Pay Only For What You Use Flexibility
In an OpEx world driven by the cloud, you should only pay for what you actually use—CFOs of the world, rejoice!

Visibility and Management of Cyber Risk
Because security-as-a-service models like Armor’s can provide standardized security and compliance protections to any environment, we bring you one step closer to cyber risk management on a global scale.

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