What is Security-as-a-Service?

Security-as-a-service is a business model in which a vendor (e.g., Armor) provides security services on a subscription basis. Many organizations choose “as-a-service” platforms because the cost of building their own infrastructure is prohibitive and the expertise needed to manage it is difficult to find, hard to keep and expensive.

Security-as-a-service providers have stepped in to help organizations protect their networks, cost-effectively and reliably. Instead of playing "whack-a-hack" by purchasing new tools and spending countless hours trying to hire and retain top talent, security-as-a-service gives you the freedom to focus on your business, while placing cybersecurity in expert hands.

Armor not only provides cost savings around the tools necessary to secure your environment, but it places you under the protection of Armor’s Security Operations Center that keeps watch over your systems 24/7/365. Armor provides world-class security-as-a-service for more than 1,000 organizations—from picking and deploying the right tools to incident response  and remediation, Armor’s got your security-as-a-service covered.

Top Reasons to Choose Armor as your Security-as-a-Service

Cybersecurity expertise
51% The amount of organizations that face a cybersecurity skills shortage, with demand projected to increase. — Palo Alto Networks
Manage noisy alerts
2 Billion Total cloud-related events generated per month by an average enterprise — Sky High Networks
Reduce the number of security tools
75 The number of security products an average enterprise uses to secure their network. — CSO
Reduce costs
286% ROI with payback in 4 months — Forrester

The Capabilities of Armor

Opting for a security-as-a-service solution with Armor means organizations install the Armor Anywhere agent on their network to monitor the security of their infrastructure. Armor Anywhere works across architectures—public, private, or hybrid cloud, or on-premise IT environments. Save money and overcome staffing and skills gaps by outsourcing day-to-day security functions to a security-as-a-service provider.

Automatically detects anomalous traffic and the latest emerging threats.
Prevents malware and knows if it infects your workloads.
Monitors and validates critical OS files for changes.
Centralizes, analyzes, and reports all log events.
Continuously scans your systems and devices to detect vulnerabilities.
Ingests logs then correlates and analyzes those logs against threat intelligence from Armor and other third parties.

Armor Anywhere Add-ons

Log & Data Management

Further enrich security and compliance results and value through log and data management:

  • Enhance threat detection
  • Enhance context for effective response
  • Satisfy storage of logs to address key compliance requirements

Secure Hosting

For organizations with mission critical and sensitive compliant applications and data, Armor Anywhere with secure hosting provides high-performance hosting infrastructure with security provided and monitored by Armor.

Automated Security & Compliance

Continuously discover and assess security and compliance controls across your environment ​ in the cloud.

Armor Security-as-a-Service

Don't Worry

You'll have access to the latest tools without having to worry about updates for WAF, FIM, IDS, malware protection, etc.

Access to Top Security Talent

You’ll have support and access to top cybersecurity talent 24/7/365.

Efficient and Effective

Save money with Armor’s per workload rate. You’ll be an OpEx hero to your organization.

Less Management

Focus on what you do best, building applications to grow your business.

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