Threat Detection and Response for the Cloud of Your Choice

Whether your data is stored in a cloud environment (private, public, or hybrid) or you’re hosting it onsite, Armor will keep it safe. We’ll help you zero in on real threats and filter out the rest with powerful analytics, workflow automations, and a team of experts working day and night.

When (not if) there is an attack, we don’t just send an alert. Our Security Operations Center experts are on it immediately, guiding your security team on how to respond and resolve the problem.

Stress-Free Continuous Compliance

It's never been easier to achieve HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI DSS, and GDPR compliance in your public cloud environment. We'll help you get compliant faster while reducing the burden on your internal teams.

Audits don’t scare us, and they shouldn't scare you.

Protect Your Most Sensitive Workloads and Data

Demonstrating that you take privacy and security seriously can be a key differentiator in the marketplace. For customers who don't want to hassle with security, compliance, and infrastructure, Armor’s secure hosting solution was designed specifically to drive security and compliance outcomes for your business, putting your clients at ease while also supporting your bottom line.

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